We have made the collection of our songs and posted it to iTunes. The collection entitled “Overseas” includes the songs from the albums “The joy of simple melodies” and “Jolly Baburi”, home sketches for “Get ma ola” and “French march”. It’s our greetings to the listeners from America, Europe and those countries of the world where iTunes and online-services are a popular and a convenient way of delivering and receiving music.

Peter Nalitch and Friends

‘Jolly Baburi’

Dear friends!

Sales of our album ‘Jolly Baburi’ will start on the 9th of October at ‘Arena Moscow’ club and from Monday, October 11 — in the music stores of the city.
As always, the album can be downloaded. Album page is — baburi.peternalitch.ru, it’ll be available immediately after the concert.

And that is not all.

On Monday, October 11, from 23:00 to 0:00 we will celebrate the presentation of the album and answer the questions from journalists who are going to visit us for an evening organized by Gala Records and the TV channel ‘Rain’.


October 9: Live broadcast


We’ve decided that everybody should see our concert presentation of our new album ‘Jolly Baburi’.
Eight cameras and two dozen people will work for the internet broadcast presentation this evening, which we will organize with the help and support of YATV service
Watch it - October 9, at 8:45 p.m. (Moscow time) on our broadcast web page — live.peternalitch.ru

Peter Nalitch and Friends

Peter Nalitch and Friends: Athens, Oslo

Dear friends!

We’re going to Europe again.
On the 23rd of October we’ll perform a concert in Athens, Greecе.
You can get the tickets at peternalitchath2010.eventbrite.com.

On the 6th of November we’ll perform in Norway at Oslo world music festival, Parkteatret Scene. Tickets: www.billettservice.no.

Hope to meet you soon!

Peter Nalitch and Friends at the Stimmen and Glatt & Verkehrt

Dear friends!

On the 31st of July we perform in Germany in Lörrach at the Stimmen Festival.

And on the 1st of August - in Krems an der Donau in Austria (Glatt & Verkehrt Festival).

Lost and forgotten

Lost and forgotten

Lost and forgotten >> (mp3, 3.94 Mb)

Maxi-single “Sea” on Ozon.ru


Great Joy! Our maxi single has now been on sale for about a month. Make sure you don’t miss it: it comes in a very unusual package. It’s not even a package so much as an unusual unfolding thingy, like a book for little kids—you may even remember having one yourself. So there.

You can buy it on Ozon.ru.

Peter Nalitch and Friends


Hello dears,

We’ve got two bits of news for you, one sort of upsetting and the other one definitely good.

The upsetting one is that we still can’t really say when we will be able to come visit you physically.

The good one, on the other hand, is that in today’s age of information there are other ways to connect. So instead of us coming ’round, why don’t you come listen to our live internet broadcast tomorrow at 9 pm (21:00) Moscow time. Moscow is GMT +3, so if you want to participate, please plan your day accordingly.

Thanks and we shall see you, one way or another!

Peter Nalitch and Friends

September 17th: The online concert

Friends! We regret but we couldn’t organise the live broadcast from the Hermitage garden.

Instead why don’t you come to our online home concert dedicated to the new single, Sea. We’re planning to sing songs and answer questions, all live. See us there!


Sept 17th
Starts at 21:00

The Sailors Are Back


Hey people,

Having listened to our single closely several times, we decided the sound wasn’t exactly as we wanted it to be.

So we asked Mazen Murad, who used to work on our album The Joy of Simple Melodies, to help us and re-master the single (re-mastering is the final stage of sound recording which affects the quality of the sound),

Now you can access these recordings at more.peternalitch.ru. We insist that this is the one version that sounds right!